International Child Protection Certificate


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    Are you a UK national or have previously lived in the UK and want to work with children overseas? Or perhaps you already volunteer with children abroad? Then you might require an International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC).


    In a joint initiative, the National Crime Agency (NCA) and ACRO developed the ICPC to help protect children from offenders who travel overseas to abuse vulnerable children through employment, volunteering and charity work.


    The ICPC confirms whether or not you have a criminal history and provide details, including relevant conviction and non-conviction data.


    Before submitting an application you should contact your employer to check whether they will require you to provide the certificate.


    If an ICPC is required, you’ll notice that your certificate is produced in two parts:


    • Part 1 – details of any convictions, impending prosecutions, cautions, reprimands, warnings and current investigations held on UK databases
    • Part 2 – details of any information deemed relevant in the interest of child protection


    The certificate may also contain criminal convictions information about any offences that you may have committed in other countries.

    Please note that the ICPC will be supplied directly to you and not disclosed by us to the school or organisation offering employment or voluntary placements. 





    Alternatively, if applicants prefer they can apply by post for an ICPC. 


    For more information on the ICPC application process, please read our frequently asked questions.


    If you have a specific question about the ICPC, please contact our dedicated ICPC mailbox.


    Are you an organisation looking to use the ICPC? Head over to our dedicated page to find out more about how the ICPC could benefit your organisation

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