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ACRO's international criminal conviction exchange work is split between two teams: the United Kingdom Central Authority for the Exchange of Criminal Records (UKCA-ECR) and the Non-European Union Exchange of Criminal Records (NEU-ECR).




The UKCA-ECR exchanges criminal records between the UK and the central authorities of the other EU Member States. The responsibility for managing the UKCA-ECR is designated by the Home Secretary to the chief constable of our host force, Hampshire Constabulary, who delegates it to ACRO.



The NEU-ECR team exchanges criminal records between the UK and non-EU Interpol countries via Interpol countries.



The primary processes of both teams are:



  • Requests received from within the UK for overseas criminal conviction information held overseas ('requests out')

  • Requests received from overseas for criminal conviction information held in the UK ('requests in')

  • Notification messages sent overseas about foreign nationals convicted in the UK ('notifications in')

  • Notification messages received about UK national convicted overseas ('notifications in')




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