• Application process – You can make a case for early deletion of records by submitting an application - under certain ground(s). This is lawfully held information on national police systems. 

  • Review process – Your records will not be automatically deleted after making an application. This is an opportunity for your records to be reviewed and considered for early deletion from IDENT1, NDNAD and/or PNC.

  • Chief Officer Review – They or a designated member of the receiving force will review the application. They’ll take into account the grounds and representations and consider this against what information is locally held.


Making an application 

  • Read the application guidance 

  • Select required ground(s) for deletion

  • Complete an application, providing sufficient evidence

  • Enclose copies of current proof of identity and address if required

  • Pop an application in the post* or via email **

*   Post application to ACRO Information Management Unit, PO Box 481, Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 9FS

** Email application to deletions@acro.police.uk


Top tips  

  • Provide as much information as possible on the event you are seeking to have deleted

  • For example, type of offence, date and time of arrest, where arrest took place etc. 

  • Give background and circumstances around your arrest

  • Provide reasons why you are seeking to have your record(s) deleted

Application Examples

Follow the links below for examples of applications for a range of different scenarios: 




Process once application reaches ACRO 

Process once application reaches ACRO

* Forces are not always able to respond within 28 days. However, the Information Management Unit at ACRO monitor all outstanding applications, requesting updates from forces outside of this timeframe. In addition, applicants are able to request an update on their application outside of the 28 day period via email deletions@acro.police.uk

Got any further questions? See our further guidance around the record deletion process.