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Deletion of records from national police systems


Depending on certain criteria (see ‘Eligibility to Apply’ table below and ground(s) for deletion), you can apply for the early deletion of records from the National DNA Database (NDNAD), National Fingerprint Database (IDENT1) and/or the Police National Computer (PNC). This is in respect of records owned by chief officers in England and Wales. For more information, please refer to the national guidance


Find out more information on current retention periods for your DNA profile and fingerprints (also known as biometric information) and PNC records.


Locally held records


The Record Deletion Process does not cover records held on local force systems, including the Police National Database.  For information on the deletion of a custody image only, please refer to the guidance.



Eligibility to Apply



Not eligible

You have been issued a Penalty Notice for Disorder (PND)

You have been issued a Court Conviction (as an adult or juvenile)**

issued a Final Warning as a juvenile

issued a Conditional Discharge or an Absolute Discharge in Court

arrested but not charged and/or convicted of a minor offence (adult or juvenile)

the arrest event is owned by Police Service Northern Ireland

issued a Caution or Conditional Caution (as an adult)

the arrest event is owned by Police Scotland

issued a Youth Caution (as a juvenile)

the record is held for Police Intelligence purposes

issued a Reprimand (as a juvenile)

the arrest event is still under investigation

arrested and charged with a qualifying offence* (serious offence) but you were not subsequently convicted (adult or juvenile)

charged with but not convicted of, a qualifying offence, and biometrics have been approved for 3 year retention by Biometrics Commissioner (adult or juvenile)

arrested but not charged for a minor offence and given a Discontinuance (adult or juvenile)

charged with but not convicted of, a qualifying offence, and biometrics have been approved for 2 year extension by District Judge (adult or juvenile)


* Currently there are over 400 ‘Qualifying Offences’. They are the more serious offences such as murder, manslaughter, rape, wounding, grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, robbery and burglary.  Also included are numerous sex, indecency and firearms offences.


** Individuals cannot apply to have a court conviction deleted under the RDP because chief officers cannot overrule the convictions handed down by the courts.  However, if new evidence emerges, there is an opportunity for you to apply to the court to appeal


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