There are a number of fraudulent, fake or scam emails that claim to provide services from ACRO Criminal Records Office.

They may come from anywhere in the world and often (but not always) relate to offers of employment.

They are not genuine, but an attempt to obtain money or personal details from members of the public.

ACRO is the only organisation to provide genuine and valid documents for the following criminal records information services:

Subject access: a service for people looking to find out what information is held about them on the Police National Computer
Cost: From 25th May 2018 there is no charge for this service.

Police Certificates: a criminal records check for people who wish to obtain a visa to travel, live or work in a number of countries outside the UK
Cost: standard service £55; premium service £95; additional copies £6

International Child Protection Certificate (UK): a criminal records check for UK nationals or non-UK nationals who’ve previously lived in the UK, looking to work with children overseas
Cost: £75

Secure delivery of Police Certificates and International Child Protection Certificates is available for £9.00, and courier delivery for £48.

ACRO’s products are not for use when coming to the UK. Any police clearance or criminal records check relating to entry to the UK would normally be conducted in your country of nationality. Normally the check is conducted by the national police service or relevant ministry, and given by the applicant to the British Embassy as part of the visa application process.

Application forms for ACRO services should only be downloaded via the official ACRO website. All applications are sent to a PO Box address in Fareham, Hampshire, UK. The PO Box addresses are shown on the ACRO website pages and are the only addresses used by ACRO.

ACRO will never make unsolicited contact promoting our products. Any contact we make to you will be in response to your enquiry or application.

Any e-mails will be sent from an e-mail address in the format However you should be aware of “spoofing” and take care that any e-mails you receive in this format are actually from ACRO.

If you are unsure if the information you have received is genuine, we may be able to help. Please contact our Customer Services team.

If you feel you have been a target or a victim of fraud in or from the UK, this can be reported to Action Fraud