Coronavirus: ACRO’s commitment to safer communities



During the coronavirus pandemic, ACRO Criminal Records Office remains committed to its purpose of safer communities in the UK and across the world.

We are endeavouring to maintain business as usual, providing key criminal records information services that are vital to members of the public, as well as to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies globally.
As a key part of the policing family in the UK, we are also offering support to forces and agencies throughout the country.
We are regularly reviewing demand and resources, prioritising the safety of our staff alongside that of the communities we serve.
Most of our services are operating at business as usual service levels but there are a number of areas where delays may still occur.  If we experience delays that are not included in this list when handling your request you will be contacted by a member of our teams

Services to the public 

Police Certificates and International Child Protection Certificates (ICPC)

We are experiencing delays in processing Police Certificates and ICPC applications. If possible, please try to avoid contacting our Customer Services team regarding the status of your application. However, if your enquiry is urgent or you have concerns about when you are likely to receive your certificate our team is still contactable either by email, or by telephone +44 (0)2380 479 920.

In addition postal services are taking much longer to deliver due to the pandemic.

Due to these delays, we will not consider a document to be “Lost in post”, until:

UK Europe Rest of the World
Day 8 (postal days) after despatch Day 10 (postal days) after despatch Day 20 (postal days) after despatch

Covid-19 fixed penalty notices (FPN)

If you have received a Covid-19 fixed penalty notice and would like to make payment, please call us on 02380 451265.

If you have a question regarding your fixed penalty notice, please take a look at our FPN frequently asked questions.

Record deletion requests

There continue to be delays in our receipt of a decision from some forces. Once ACRO has received a decision, we will process this in accordance with our usual turnarounds.

Right of access to personal information held by ACRO

We will continue to prioritise requests for personal information in line with national guidance. We will contact you individually if we think your application may take longer.

Court orders

Court orders submitted to ACRO will be dealt with as a priority due to the judicial timeframes set by the court. These will be processed under the current terms, relying on third countries to process the request and provide the appropriate response. Many countries are experiencing difficulties due to the coronavirus and are prioritising different functions within their organisations. Response times may therefore be delayed.

International timeframes are as follows:

•    EU countries responding to requests for criminal proceedings: 20 working days.  

•    EU countries responding to requests for non-criminal proceedings are not bound to a response timeframe.

•    Non-EU countries are not bound to a specific turn around agreement.

For specific information regarding your case circumstances, please email your query to the ACRO court order mailbox.


If you have a specific enquiry about our services during the coronavirus pandemic, please contact us.
Further information for law enforcement agencies is available on our Knowledge Hub community: ACRO International Conviction Check.

Supporting the policing response to covid-19

ACRO is supporting the policing response to the Covid-19 pandemic and worked to provide a solution very quickly to administer fixed penalty notices (FPNs).

As part of this administration, we process all payments of FPN fines issued under coronavirus legislation on behalf of police forces in England and Wales.
The funds from these payments are held by ACRO in a separate bank account used solely for this purpose.
We are in the process of transferring funds to local authorities in England and Wales in accordance with coronavirus legislation.

ACRO Criminal Records Office is hosted by Hampshire Constabulary under the direction and control of the Chief Constable pursuant to a collaboration agreement made under section 22A of the Police Act 1996.

The latest FPN data is available here: Update on Coronavirus FPNs issued by police – March 2021 (


Updated 6th April 2021