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An International Child Protection Certificate - a joint initiative between ACRO and the National Crime Agency - is issued following a criminal records check against UK police and intelligence databases, and can be requested by any employer who works with children, and whose employment decisions are not made in the UK.

It can help protect children from UK nationals, or those who have previously lived in the UK, seeking to gain access to children through employment or voluntary roles for the purpose of harming them. 

In order to demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding children through the use of the ICPC, we have provided a brief overview of the product below in a variety of languages:


Arabic / عربى 

Burmese / ဗမာ



French / Français


Japanese / 日本語





Mandarin (traditional) / 普通話(傳統)



Mandarin (simplified) / 普通话(简化)


Nepali / नेपाली



Spanish / Español


Swahili / Kiswahili


Ukrainian / українська


Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt