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    ACRO Criminal Records Office is a national police unit in the UK that works to keep communities safe here and around the world. A leader in criminal records and biometric information services, we deliver a range of products to stakeholder agencies and the public.


    We're responsible for managing the UK Central Authority for the Exchange of Criminal Records (UKCA-ECR) with other EU Member States. This responsibility is designated by the Home Secretary to the chief constable of our host force, Hampshire Constabulary, who delegates it to ACRO. Outside the EU, we exchange conviction records with all non-EU Interpol countries via Interpol channels.


    We work closely with partners in the UK including the National Police Chiefs' Council, the National Crime Agency and the Home Office. Further afield, we've forged partnerships with law enforcement agencies including Europol and Interpol as well as colleagues in the USA, Australia and the British Caribbean Overseas Territories among others.


    Our services to the public include the provision of Police Certificates and International Child Protection Certificates and co-ordinating Subject Access disclosure and record deletion requests in respect of information held about applicants on police systems.


    As well as updating records on the Police National Computer (PNC), we provide a range of PNC services to prosecuting agencies, including names enquiry checks on their behalf, creating records to support criminal justice processes and back record converting historical records held on microfiche.  


    ACRO was founded in 2006 following a decision by the then Association of Chief Police Officers to establish an operationally focussed unit that would organise the management of criminal record information and improve the links between criminal records and biometric information.


    We became the first in the UK to achieve an "excellent" grading from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabularies (HMIC) following a Police National Computer (PNC) compliance audit in 2010. This was followed by a further inspection by HMIC of our use in the PNC in January 2017 in which we were found to be providing an 'excellent service' to UK police forces.

    Our purpose:
    Safer communities in the UK and across the world
    Our mission:  
    Provide effective and responsible criminal records information services
    Develop, expand and promote our services and the value they add
    Lead in the field of criminal records information services, providing specialist advice, guidance and support



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    ACRO is hosted by Hampshire Constabulary, therefore ACRO staff are employed as Hampshire police staff but with supplemental ACRO policies, procedures and guidance. For a full list of ACRO vacancies, please click on the recruitment pages for Hampshire Constabulary.





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