Reducing the burden on the frontline

Reducing the burden on frontline policing


ACRO Criminal Records Office retained its commitment to reducing the burden on the frontline by running at no cost to policing last year.


In 2018/19, we received no funding from UK police forces while delivering law enforcement and safeguarding services worth £7.9m. 


That compares to £2.8m received in funding in 2016/17 and £900,000 in 2017/18. 


It means that for every £1 received from the police over the last five years, ACRO has returned services worth £2.82. 


ACRO Senior Manager Susan Francis said: “As a public sector organisation that generates income through some, but not all, of our services, we take our commitment to providing value for money very seriously.


"We’re acutely aware of the financial pressures faced by forces up and down the country, so we’re proud to be able to provide safeguarding and law enforcement services that directly support the police and reduce the burden on the frontline. 


"ACRO’s main source of income remains Police Certificates, which in 2018/19 generated a surplus after expenditure of £5.6m. It is this surplus that funds a good proportion of key services which directly benefited communities in the UK and across the world.


"These include managing requests from police forces for overseas conviction information, making the details of UK nationals convicted overseas available by adding it to the Police National Computer (PNC), managing sex offender records to minimise the risk to communities, sharing intelligence, and converting historical conviction information from archives.


"This year, these services cost £7.9m to run. The shortfall in funding was bridged by using ACRO reserves. However, this is a short-term position because the reserves are limited by nature. 


"ACRO is a national police unit so very much part of policing in the UK. That’s why we’re proud to provide fundamental community safety services and do so in a way that reduces the financial burden on the frontline.


"It’s our ambition to retain this commitment over the coming years and continue to grow in a sustainable way, through developing and expanding criminal records information services that protect the public."


Further information about ACRO’s budgets and accounts for the 2018/19 financial year will be published in the forthcoming Annual Report.


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4th July 2019