Putting a face to a name


Putting a face to a name


At ACRO we always like to put a face to name and get to know our colleagues in law enforcement a little better.

We find meeting in person helps us to understand each other better and to improve day-to-day operational processes.

And ultimately that’s good for the communities we serve and seek to protect in the UK and across the world.

Meeting our international partners

On 15th March, representatives from law enforcement agencies in Slovakia, Romania, Greece, the Nordic countries and South Africa visited ACRO for a workshop about understanding the role of ACRO and improving intelligence sharing (pictured left).

ACRO invited colleagues to find out more about the work of ACRO, the Intelligence Unit and the ViSOR team (which oversees the management of sex offender records).

It was part of a series of workshop run over the years with the aim of discussing operational issues and sharing examples of best practice.

One of the purposes was to explore how increased cooperation with London-based liaison officers would lead to increased public safety and reduce the effects of international criminality.

Lt. Col. Andrea Stromcekova from the Embassy of Slovakia said: “As always when I have meetings with colleagues from ACRO, my impression is positive. I have cooperated with ACRO for two years and the colleagues are always very helpful, responsible and ready.”

Silje Rise of the Royal Norwegian Embassy said: “Our visit to ACRO was very useful and gave us a comprehensive knowledge of how ACRO works. We were made to feel very welcome and I feel it will be easier to cooperate with ACRO in the future as a result of the visit.”

Superintendent Vlad Vida from the Romanian Embassy said: “Many thanks for the support. It helped a lot in understanding what you actually do and what are the common grounds between our legislations.”

Police Captain Eleni Karali from the Embassy of Greece said: “Τhank you very much ACRO team for the excellent hospitality. I was given the opportunity to share with ACRO professionals views on the way of action and we had altogether the chance to build a better relationship of communication and cooperation.”


Connecting with police forces

Chief Superintendent Richard Baker and Sergeant Kate Jeffries from West Midlands Police visited ACRO in January this year (pictured middle).

They are the force’s leads on foreign national offending and work with ACRO to improve the process of requesting overseas conviction checks.

C/Supt Baker said: “We’ve developed some really good relationships today. We can put faces to names, which always helps. From a national level, I’ve got a role potentially to go back and look at how we can develop a police network around foreign national offender leads.

“I think in terms of consistency and standardisation we’ve come a long way with some really good ideas today.”

Supporting criminal justice processes

The information ACRO obtains and processes is often used to support criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Overseas conviction information can be provided to the courts, for example, to ensure criminals are sentenced based on their full offending history.

Debbie Price is the head of the Crown Prosecution Service’s International Justice Division (pictured right with Head of ACRO James Fulton and CEO Rob Price).

Her visit to ACRO in March focused on this as well as our international development work.

She said: “Today is a good start for me. It’s been a real learning curve to come here and find out about the amazing work you do. We’ll be working together in terms of the capacity building we’re doing overseas, for example in Jamaica where you’ve set up a digital criminal records system we also have a criminal justice adviser who works closely with the attorney general out there.

“So there’s a lot of potential where your work and our work fits together in terms of working with international partners and in terms of the benefits to the UK.” 



4th April 2018