Overseas conviction information aids deportation of foreign national offender

A man arrested for theft in Winchester was deported five months later on the strength of his overseas conviction.
He was detained by Hampshire Constabulary in December 2017. They made a request via ACRO for his criminal records in his home country.
The check confirmed he had previously been convicted in Poland of armed robbery among other offences.
The information was shared with Immigration Enforcement and he was later deported from the UK in May the following year.
The case demonstrates the value of the ACRO check and the importance of ensuring a request is made in respect of every foreign national police encounter, even for less serious offences.

The value of exchanging criminal record information

In 2018/19, there were 3,442 ACRO checks made by Hampshire Constabulary for overseas conviction information.

575 of these requests returned vital information about overseas convictions, with 29 concerning a serious offence such as violence or sexual assault.

From those 29 requests, ACRO added details of 185 offences to the PNC.

Hampshire Constabulary requests

The number of overseas conviction requests made by Hampshire Constabulary via ACRO have increased year-on-year in recent times:
2015/16 = 1,932
2016/17 = 2,082
2017/18 = 2,733
2018/19 = 3,442
Tony Mizen, Foreign National Offender Intelligence Coordinator for Hampshire Constabulary, said: “As the Foreign National Offender Coordinator for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, the criminal records checks we request from ACRO enables and benefits the Constabulary to better know who we are dealing with be they a suspect, victim or witness.

“Recently working with ACRO Development Team I have been able to change our internal processes to make sure we are able to increase the number and quality of requests that are submitted by frontline officers. This work has been pivotal in making sure vital information around foreign national offenders are reaching the courts and improving how it can be better used.

“In passing this information onto prosecutors, this could help build stronger cases against individuals who have previous overseas convictions and have the potential to cause risk or harm to our local communities.

“This ongoing partnership has a positive impact on our policing and protecting the public we serve.”

30th December 2019