Managing more sex offender records than ever beforeManaging more sex offender records than ever before  

ACRO’s Violent and Sex Offender Register (ViSOR) team is essential to UK policing. It manages the records of people who have a history of sexual offending across the world.

In March 2015 the team were managing 630 records. Following a year-on-year increase, the team currently manages over 1,500 records. This is the highest in the 12 years that the ViSOR team has been active.

Starting in 2006 in response to the volume of sexual offences processed at ACRO, the team has an important part to play within UK policing. 

Chief Constable Michelle Skeer, the National Policing Lead for the Management of Sexual Offenders and Violent Offenders said: 

“ACRO plays a key role in ensuring police forces across the UK are able to protect members of the community from those who commit sexual offences when abroad. 

“By effective sharing of information, police forces are able to prevent offenders from going undetected when they return to the UK.

“Safeguarding is the absolute priority of our policing service and the information ACRO provides is crucial in ensuring we are able to do this effectively. 

"UK policing has some of the most advanced and stringent tools in the world to manage registered sex offenders and I am confident that police forces across the country are, each day, effectively managing risk posed to the public by such individuals.”

The ViSOR team works with the police and other agencies, both in the UK and internationally, to identify offenders and reduce the risk posed by serious overseas offending. 

There has been a steady increase in the number of records managed over the last four years


Detective Sergeant Tim Judd, of ACRO’s ViSOR and Intelligence Unit, describes their ultimate goal:

“Our team aims to work with UK law enforcement agencies and international partners to ensure that people who commit serious sexual offences overseas do not go undetected when they return to the UK.”

The growth of international criminal conviction exchange is one of the reasons for the increase in sex offender records managed by the team as DS Judd explains: 

“We make valuable use of ACRO’s exchange of criminal records and sexual offences legislation to ensure that the risks posed to UK communities by these individuals is significantly reduced; as well as taking steps to share their risks where appropriate with other countries to safeguard communities across the world.”

Safeguarding in action

In April 2018 ACRO was notified of a male from the UK who had been convicted in Spain for sexual assault of a child under 13. He received a suspended sentence before returning to the UK. 

The ViSOR team conducted enquiries in the UK to locate the male who was found in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) area. 

The team worked with the MPS who sought a court order. By June, the male had been placed on the sex offenders register and is now subject to local offender management. 


5th September 2018