Forging better relationships with international counterparts

ACRO shares hundreds of thousands of criminal records every year with law-enforcement agencies in the UK and across the world; this is at the heart of what ACRO does to safeguard communities.


In 2017/18 ACRO processed over 200,000 requests for criminal conviction information. Whether it was notifying a country that one of their nationals had committed a crime here in the UK, or a UK police force requested overseas criminal conviction history about a foreign national offender to assist criminal proceedings.  


We’re fortunate enough to have access to a range of electronic systems and databases, allowing us to share valuable information with other law-enforcement agencies in the UK and across the world. 


Now imagine having to do this, but using paper records instead.


ACRO helped the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) move away from paper records – which were in use up until May 2016. Criminal conviction information is now stored on an electronic record management system; where they’d prioritised violent, sexual and gang offenders in the first instance. It is estimated that ACRO helped the BPS transfer 20,000 conviction records onto the new system by late 2018.


While we recently had the pleasure of hosting the newly appointed Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Bermuda Police Service, Darrin Simons.


Deputy Commissioner Simons was given a tour of the ACRO offices, meeting with a number of key staff members including ACRO CEO Rob Price and Head of ACRO Superintendent James Fulton. 

 Darrin Simons visit - main

(L-R) Head of ACRO, Superintendent James Fulton; Deputy Commissioner of Police at Bermuda Police Service, Darrin Simons; ACRO Chief Executive, Rob Price.


Deputy Commissioner Darrin Simons, said: “My visit allowed me to better understand ACRO’s mission and core business areas, as well as an insight into the processes which help safeguard communities in the UK and across the world.


“I got to see first-hand the hard work that ACRO staff perform, with many of the processes relevant to our officers in the Bermuda Police Service.”


Thanks to our ongoing work with the BPS, we’re now able to identify Bermudan nationals with a British passport who have a criminal past. In practice this means that we can update the offenders PNC record and make this information widely available to UK law-enforcement agencies if necessary, should those individuals travel to the UK.


As a result, ACRO and the BPS can now effectively exchange criminal records and biometric information to safeguard their local communities.


Deputy Commissioner Simons stated: “ACRO is a very professional organisation and committed to safeguarding. The partnership that Bermuda has with ACRO is vital to keeping our respective populations safe. I’m looking forward to exploring other ways of enhancing what I have learnt during my time at ACRO for use within the Bermuda Police Service.  

22nd March 2019