FBI CJIS and ACRO staffFBI visits ACRO


When the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) division visited ACRO recently it became apparent just how similar our two organisations are. 


CJIS staff visited ACRO on Thursday 30th November to work with us on improving the exchange of criminal conviction information between our two countries.


The visit followed the signing of an agreement earlier this year and was an opportunity to build partnerships and get to know our American counterparts better. 


Supervisor Special Agent Chris Straub said: “We have a lot of similarities between the two organisations. This affords us the opportunities for efficiencies in the sharing of information. It’s been tremendously helpful to come out here and see how similar we are in many ways.”


Like ACRO, CJIS is a police organisation that has a role in co-ordinating and managing the timely exchange of criminal records information to help keep communities safe.


As well as ironing out processes, the CJIS team gave ACRO staff a briefing on how American records are presented; not only do they differ from UK records, they also differ from state to state. CJIS will provide ACRO with more guidance and training on this in the future. 


Chris added: “We value our close partnership with ACRO and appreciate the invitation to visit your facility. It’s provided an excellent opportunity to better understand your processes and enhance information exchanging.


“The data sharing agreement benefits both countries and strengthens the law enforcement relationship between the UK and US. The FBI is dedicated to working closely with our ACRO partners in the ongoing implementation of the agreement.”


Presenting the CJIS team with a certificate of appreciation, Head of ACRO Superintendent James Fulton said: “Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to developing the agreement between our two countries. I’m always proud to show off our business at ACRO, but we can only achieve so much by ourselves. There are places like ACRO and CJIS throughout the world and sometimes it’s a question of joining the dots between us. Building partnerships is key to meeting our shared aims because we’re here to achieve greater international security and safer communities across the world.” 


ACRO and the FBI signed a memorandum of understanding in March 2017 to create a standard for the exchange of criminal histories and biometric information between both law enforcement agencies. 


The next steps for ACRO include sending to the US historical conviction data held in the UK about US nationals and analysing similar historical data received from CJIS about UK nationals convicted in the US.


14th December 2017