Annual Report 18/19 news

Meeting the growing global demand for criminal records information


ACRO’s Annual Report for the financial year 2018/19 is now published. 


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This year’s report details our ongoing commitment to safer communities in the UK and across the world.


In his introduction, Chief Executive Rob Price said:  “The global demand for criminal records information is growing. More and more, we are seeing a greater recognition of the need to consider a person’s conviction history when making safeguarding decisions… As the only organisation that specialises in the international exchange, sharing and disclosure of criminal records information, ACRO is uniquely positioned to meet the demand.”


The report demonstrates how, through building networks with a common aim, we contributing to the global fight against crime and helped to improve the ability to better identify and safeguard the most vulnerable. 


In addition, we delivered £7.9 million worth of services without drawing funds from police forces. We saved approximately 5,650 hours of police time through the use of automated processes whilst managing huge increases in demand for services such as subject access.


In his foreword, Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council Martin Hewitt said:  “ACRO has continued to play a fundamental role to help safeguard our communities, both in the UK and abroad. This is reflected by the growing global demand for criminal records information, which helps to keep all in society safe from harm.”


Rob Price added:  “I am continually proud of ACRO’s achievements, the resilience of the ACRO team and their commitment to delivering the highest standard of criminal records information services.”


September 26th 2019