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Demand for ACRO’s services hit an all-time high in 2017-18 with more than 188,000 requests from people looking to access their data. 

This is an increase of 12% compared with the number of requests made for Police Certificates, International Child Protection Certificates and subject access in 2016-17. 

ACRO annual report 2017-18 details the services that ACRO provides on behalf of UK police forces. ACRO has reduced financial pressure on policing at a time when UK forces are faced with ‘increasingly complex demands’.


Annual report 2017-18 - highlights doc

ACRO is recognised once again for providing an excellent service in the context of increased demand, reduced funding and only 9% more staff than 2016-17. 

Indeed, ACRO’s staff are its biggest asset with everyone in the organisation contributing to the purpose of safer communities in the UK and across the world.

In 2017-18 demand on ACRO increased for the majority of its services compared with 2016-17. 

• The number of sex offender records ACRO manages increased by 21%, to over 1,450. 

• Requests from people asking for details of their information on national police systems increased by 18%, to 30,425. 

• Requests from people asking for their criminal records to be deleted increased by 13%, to 1,701. 

• Applications for Police Certificates increased by 11%, to 146,560. 

Overseas requests for conviction information in the UK increased by 11%, to 19,108. 

• Applications for International Child Protection Certificates increased by 6% to just over 11,700.



ACRO Chief Executive Rob Price said: “ACRO is a fantastic organisation and I am honoured to have been appointed as its new Chief Executive. It is a huge task following my predecessor, Ian Readhead, under whose direction ACRO has grown considerably since it was founded. 

“Demand on our services continues to grow… we will continue to focus on making the most efficient use of systems to meet the challenge. My ambition is to maintain our reputation, sustain our growth and develop our potential to innovate in areas where there is a need for a national specialist capability for our services.”

Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council Sarah Thornton said: “For over a decade, ACRO has retained its core commitment to deliver services that keep communities safe, both here in the UK and abroad.

“Policing is facing increasingly complex demands, and it is more important than ever for us to have access to the high quality information that ACRO provides.

“One of the challenges we all face is how we respond to the practical realities of Brexit. Whatever the outcome of negotiations about the UK leaving the European Union, we can be sure that ACRO will continue to strive to play its part in keeping people safe both here and overseas.” 

24th October 2018