ACRO work with overseas colleagues secures rapist’s previous convictions

Jail for man who sexually assaulted woman in London

A man who sexually assaulted a woman in London has been jailed following ACRO’s work with overseas colleagues to secure information about his previous convictions. 

Mihai Roban [pictured] had been in the UK for around a week when he attacked his victim in Finchley on Monday 20th January this year.  

Following his arrest by the Metropolitan Police Service, ACRO received an automated request for any previous convictions that might be held in his home country of Romania. 

ACRO was able to confirm that Roban had been convicted of two counts of rape in 1996, and return this information to detectives investigating the London assault. 

To support the UK prosecution, the ACRO team obtained and translated further details of the overseas convictions. The team also confirmed with colleagues in Romania the time he had spent in prison to ensure he met the criteria for sex offender registration.

As a result, ACRO was able to create Roban's sex offender record on the ViSOR database, and hand over his case to the Metropolitan Police Service for ongoing offender management. 

Safeguarding communities 

In September this year, 47-year-old Roban was sentenced to seven years and eight months in prison having pleaded guilty to one count of rape.

ACRO's work securing previous overseas convictions ensures the courts have access to a person’s full offending history, which helps inform sentencing decisions. 

Information about Roban’s history was also shared with immigration services, who will consider him for deportation after his prison term. 

The case demonstrates the importance of ACRO’s role in liaising with UK police forces and international colleagues, in this case in Romania, to obtain information that’s crucial for safeguarding communities and bringing offenders to justice. 

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Published 22nd October 2020