ACRO and National Crime Agency join forces for greater good

 ACRO Staff at the National Crime Agency


At the ACRO Criminal Records Office we’re building safer communities in the UK and abroad, by providing effective and responsible criminal records information services.

That’s why members of ACRO staff recently spent a week at the National Crime Agency (NCA) Warrington, in order to strengthen links between the two organisations and to identify best practices in foreign conviction information and intelligence exchange. 



It allowed ACRO to engage with the NCA to better understand their systems and processes and recognise how we can add value to that. While also gaining a comprehensive understanding of how the information exchange between ACRO and the NCA is managed, and the limitations both organisations face with sharing data. This includes the exchange of criminal conviction information between the UK and non-EU countries, as well as notifying countries when the UK extradites one of their nationals.


During the programme ACRO staff engaged and educated NCA staff and other key organisations about the work of the organisation, through a series of presentations. This highlighted how we can work together for the greater good and enabled us to demonstrate the importance and impact of ACRO’s work.


While the team also spent time with the NCA Control Centre staff to gain a better understanding of the diversity of the phone and email enquiries which they deal with on a day to day basis and their understanding of ACRO and our processes. They handle approximately 100-120 calls handled per day, largely from members of the public providing information anonymously, but also deal with operational calls from Forces, enquiries from Officers in Charge and Child Line referrals.


Reflecting on her teams visit to NCA, Chloe Price, Head of Section for the Non-European Exchange of Criminal Records at ACRO said:“Having the opportunity to inform and educate NCA staff on the breadth and diverse nature of the work we undertake at ACRO and how their work links into ours through the delivery of presentations was hugely beneficial for everyone in gaining a better understanding of how our organisations work together to ensure safer communities in the UK and abroad. We look forward to continuing to work towards strengthening our links between ACRO and the NCA in the future.”


As a result of this activity, we are able to continue to develop better relationships to improve public service, safeguard vulnerable people and effectively deliver on our organisational commitment to build safer communities. 

3rd December 2018