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    The Association of Chief Police Officers Criminal Records Office (ACRO) has a governance board which is currently chaired by the Independent Representative Mr Malcolm King. The board comprises stakeholder representatives from Government, policing and expert members. It also has representatives from Scotland and Northern Ireland. Current members of the board include the following individuals:


    Sir Hugh Orde - ACPO President (Chair)

    Malcolm King - Independent Representative

    David Cheesman - Home Office

    Bob Farley - Metropolitan Police

    Susan Francis - ACPO Criminal Records Office 

    Iain Hall - Police Service Northern Ireland

    Terry Jarvis - Home Office

    Paul Brooks - ACPO Criminal Records Office

    Raymond McIntyre - Scottish Police Services Authority

    Assistant Chief Constable David Pryde - Hampshire Constabulary

    Ian Readhead - Association of Chief Police Officers

    Jason Russell - Hampshire Constabulary


    ACPO Criminal Records Office Governance Board




    The UK Central Authority for the Exchange of Criminal Records (UKCA-ECR) also has a separate governance board, dealing specifically with issues that effect the UKCA-ECR's European criminal record exchange activity. This board is currently chaired by David Cheesman and includes representatives from Government, Scotland, Northern Ireland and key stakeholders and experts. Current members of the board include:


    David Cheesman - Home Office (Chair)

    Robert Butlin - Home Office

    Ian Readhead - Association of Chief Police Officers

    Paul Brooks - ACPO Criminal Records Office

    Aileen Bearhop - Scottish Government

    Gary Archibald - Department of Justice Northern Ireland

    Lorraine Henderson - Association of Chief Police Officers, Scotland

    Peter Galbraith - Police Service Northern Ireland

    Ray McIntyre - Scottish Police Authority

    Malcolm King - Independent Representative

    Tim Tyler - Serious Organised Crime Agency


    United Kingdom Central Authority for the Exchange of Criminal Records Governance Board